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Stassi Slapped the truth out of Kristen! Vanderpump Rules Season 2

Vanderpump Rules Season 2 had me tuned in from the beginning all the way to the last reunion for the season. The whole season seemed like someone was either lying about something or cheating on someone and the worst of it all is that everyone working at Sur Lounge was all supposed to be friends. Well at least friends enough to not disrespect and betray one another by sleeping with their friend’s boyfriend or girlfriend.

When Stassi (acting-Private Investigator) heard that her Ex boyfriend Jax was rumored to have slept with her friend Kristen, she did not stop digging for proof until she got the truth. The whole time Kristen lied and swore she would never betray her friend Stassi and that the thought of sleeping with Jax was diqusting. When Stassi confronted Kristen for the umpteenth time she already knew that Kristen was going to continue to lie about it and Jax had already confessed to Stassi the truth. So in the confrontation things escalated and Stassi could not stand to hear Kristen lie anymore and in an blink of eye Stassi back handedly slapped the shit out of Kristen which was so shocking and hilarious at the same dam time. Check out the slap in a clip below.


Ty Dolla $ign- Live Performance @ The Bank Sale-Street Wear Expo (LFTPS.com)

Actress/TV Personality La-Niece was on the scene for Ty Dolla $ign Live Performance

Malik Yoba on VH1 Single Ladies Season 3

Actress La-Niece ran into Actor Malik Yoba At the Caravelle ‘New York” Watches and Raine Magazine Event
Like Myself Malik Yoba was born in the Bronx, New York. Malik has been in movies such as “Cool Runnings”, “Why Did I Get Married” and “Why Did I Get Married Too”. He has also been in numerous TV Series such as “New York Undercover”, “Girlfriends” and his most recent is this season of VH1’s “Single Ladies” which airs Mondays at 9pm on VH1.

Malik does not take his star power for granted and puts it to use by actively giving back to the community; most recently in San Francisco- WestSide Community to help spread the word about helping the mentally ill. As an actor, educator and humanitarian, Malik Yoba is definitely an inspiration.

Ran into Actor Malik Yoba At the Caravelle 'New York" Watches and Raine Magazine Event
Actress La-Niece and Actor Malik Yoba

Cassidy- Lookin Ass Bitches (Battele of the Sexes)

This is Cassidy’s Response to Nicki Minaj’s new music video release earlier today for- Lookin Ass Niggas

TY DOLLA $IGN Live at (4:00) The Bank Sale -Street Wear Expo at Los Angeles Convention Center

Actress/Host La-Niece was on the scene to capture footage of this turnt up event…TY DOLLA $IGN performance at 4:00 

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